PROKNACK provide Windows / Linux Mail Server with advanced, secure and high performing mail server. With support for all standard mail protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP and WebMail, our solution can meet the needs of almost any organisations by ulitizing their existing IT resources in setting up the mail servers. Our Mail Server Solution is fully scalable with support for unlimited users and domains. The mail server also includes strong SPAM protection, on-server antivirus scanning, Content Filtering, IPv6 and much more.Mail Server products should meet the specific messaging needs with affordable pricing and highly profitable in terms of TCO..

PROKNACK provides quality technical support with various levels to fulfill customer requirements with basic support to high end support.We can offer a comprehensive range of support and maintainance options.

Linux Mail Server

1.Mail Distribution.
2.Customized of Web-mail interface.
3.Unlimited email ID’s and no space cost.
4.Auto responders and Logs Facility.
5.24/7/365 Server .

Mail Server for Windows

2.Content Filtering – Set up rules to control your mail content .
3.Remote Admin – Remote access to your settings, user accounts.
4.Strong Security – Lock down your mail server with IP Restrictions,SMTP Authentication.
5.24/7/365 Server

MTA – Mail Transfer Agent – Windows

1.IN HOUSE Mail Server – MX Pointing.
2.No cost for Server space,No limit on Web space,No limitation on number of Mail IDs.
3.SPAM Protection – Prevent SPAM with RBL filters, self learning Bayesian filtering technology, grey listing, SPF checking and much more..
4.Antivirus Protection – Protect users from viruses by integrating your mail server with almost any existing antivirus product.
5.Complete Control of all Server Settings, Services, and Accounts


Bulk Mail Services

We Offer self hosted email newsletter application that lets you send trackable emails via Various Mass Mail Service Providers. This makes it possible for you to send authenticated bulk emails at an insanely low price without sacrificing deliverability.

1. Multiple Brands
2.List and Subscribers
3.Automatic Bounce and Complaints Handling

4. Beautiful Reports

5. Automatic Unsubscribe Handling

6. Track Email sent / Delivery/ Click

7. Country Wise delivery report.

8. Auto responders and Custom Field

9.Cheapest Newsletter Sending


Bulk SMS Services

Ezee SMS Server is an easy to use, powerful SMS solution for e-marketing with 3G/GSM modems with two-way messaging and online with one-way messaging Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers. Bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world. It can be customized with database like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server (Express), Microsoft Access, Oracle or other SQL database to send SMS messages and store received SMS messages in a database table.

Ezee SMS – Features

1.Two-Way SMS messaging – Send and receive reply from the recipient to your PC 2.Scheduled Messaging – type your SMS and send later – set your preferred date and time for sending.
3.SMS MERGE – Personalize each copy of SMS message (Advanced version)
4.Reports – Phonebook reports, Inbox, Sent, Failed messages reports for any date. Print reports or save to html, text files.
5.Message Log – Keep a log of messages sent, received, failed.
6.Customized Solution with databases ( MySQL / MSSQL).
7.Support Long SMS, Flash SMS, SMS Mail Merge.
8.Supports Unicode Message with multi language.
9.Autoreply – Auto-respond to SMS based on keywords in incoming SMS messages.


Antivirus / Firewall and Backup Solutions

PROKNACK provides end to end information security solutions for small business segment.We provide cost-effective solution and support for customers on various security products like Antivirus & Firewall , Backup Products on offsite,onsite and Hybrid , Biometric products like Attentance Management system and Payroll software solutions.

Security Products and Services

1.Antivirus Products – Symantec, Kaspersky, K7, QuickHeal, AVG, Trend Micro, ESET Nod32, McAfee etc..
2.Firewall Products – Fortinet, Cyberoam, WatchGuard, Nevales.
3.Firewall & Intrusion Detection Services Vulnerability Assessment Services .
4.Monitoring Services for the OS and applications Capped/Burstable Bandwidth Services .

Backup Products and Services

1.Backup Solutions – Onsite with External HDD, NAS Box, Portable Storage.
2.Backup solutions – Online with cloud space cost effective price.
3.Open Source Backup space for home users
4.Mail Archiving in online / Onsite with Advance Search Option, De duplication, compression facilities.

Employee Monitoring Services

1.Monitoring Web Sites Visits and Running Applications.
2.Taking Screenshots and Recording Keystrokes.
3.Remotely Monitoring Computers in Real Time.
4.Controlling Access and Filtering Content.
5.Analyzing Data and Generating Reports.