Tech Support


PROKNACK address your specific IT support needs, providing solutions that maximize productivity and ensuring end users and systems function optimally.. If you’re unable to find a solution to the technical issue you’re encountering, then our Support Services will be glad to assist you personally. You may contact us using our email, phone, or walk-in services. You may choose a service and get the computer help you need immediately, or connect for free to one of our computer support Agents and explain your technical problem or issue. We will analyze your problem and offer a solution and price quote.

Support Services- Benefits

1.Virus, Adware , Spyware removal process.

2.Email Account Setup – Ms Outlook , Blackberry, Mobile Phones and other PDA.

3.Mail Archiving in online / Offline with Advance Search option , compression, De Duplication facilities.

4.Implmentation of On Premises Mail server , Configuration and Comprehensive Onsite / Online Support.

5.Installation of Backup Products and ensure your data is backed up.

6.Integrating Spam control software with Maximum spam mail filtering with On Premises Mail server and in Hosting with other registrars.

7.Monitoring Network and Data Center Activities with various monitoring tools.

8.Developing and modifying PHP Applications based on customer requirement.

9.System Audit – Detailed Report on Hadware configuration, Applications installed on network machines and recommendations to increase the system efficiency.

10.Implemenation of Secondary / Backup Mx with existing Hosting Solution.

11.Software Installation – Anti Virus, Malware tools , Mailserver and any licensed / Open Source Software applications.

12.Implementation and comprehensive support with Linux File Server , Linux Firewall, Linux Mail Server, Linux Proxy.